5 Things Dynamic Leaders Do to Get Kick-Ass Results in Uncertain Times

Dynamic leaders, of landscape companies that thrive in uncertainty, are led by people who understand the opportunity in times of crisis. “The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger–but recognize the opportunity.”— John F. Kennedy, US President

At times like these your passion, your dynamism, your calculated understanding of the risk you face, and your awareness of the opportunity; will guide you and your company through these times. Leadership is thriving. It’s besting. It’s mastering. It’s facing this season of challenge and allowing it to make you better. It’s innovating in the face of change. Leaders of the companies that explode with growth through this are challenged and compelled, to be more successful in every way. Your objective, on the other side of this, to make your company better than when the crisis started. 

“Doing this—and inspiring it in others and building it into your firm—is what leadership is all about.” – Stephen Mansfield

3 questions to ask:

  1. What does our current situation and what might be coming, make possible for us as a company”? 
  2. How can I advantage my company to make advancements because of this? 
  3. How do you want your company to be positioned on the other side?  

5 Steps to take: 

  1. Set goals. Aim high. Motivate your employees, and attract new ones based on what you want to accomplish. Setting goals can lift your team and motivate them to achieve. Just surviving isn’t what people will choose. Kicking ass, capturing the market, and achieving goals will! 
  2. Get clear on values. Values at the core of why your highest performing teammates consistently outperform the others.
  3. Align your team towards one thing: achieving world-class results be extraordinary. Set standards, create systems that ensure your team achieves results that are consistently above what the market expects. Results that move you towards your goal, that conform to the standards of your company promise, and adhere to core values. 
  4. Guide your company with a compelling vision that inspires excellence and focus.
  5. Communicate so everyone understands what it will take to kick butt and capture the market. 

A dynamic, compelling, clear vision, motivates everyone to achieve. Build your team with people who support you and each other. People who believe in your mission and understand why. A team like this consistently asks for feedback to be better than before. Your company will thrive in a high-performing environment and reach its full potential. 

Now ask yourself: Is this the current culture in my organization? If not, then why? The key is in your leadership, your vision and how you orient your team to achieving your organization’s goals. Want to talk about developing a vision and documenting a values-based system throughout your company? So do I! Click this link to set up a quick chat: https://calendly.com/dpestretto/30min



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