9 Reasons to Consider Good Design

Design is

Let’s start with a definition and a quote:

"Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works.” -Steve Jobs


Good design works well, feels right and communicates. Good design doesn’t start with an aesthetic objective, good design starts with a communication objective

  1. Design makes a good first impression.

You only get one chance to make a first impression and it’s not just about looks. When you meet someone for the first time, you can make decisions and impressions about a person in less than a second. Psychologists call it ‘thin slicing’ an article in Business Insider sites, research. Design can communicate volumes in a fraction of a second.

2. Most people judge the quality of something based on how it looks.

It may not be fair, but looks matter. People will judge your company based on the looks of your logo, your trucks, your website and your work. Design matters.

3. Design is more than how it looks.

Systems, process, protocols, and procedures are very seldom about esthetics but have profound impacts on business success. And are certainly designed.

4. Good design is invisible.

Design should be experienced not noticed. when you engage with a really great design, you might not notice the design at all. You consume the content easily. Often this can be why some people will discredit the need for design. People don’t notice when they encounter a beautifully functioning design.  Instead, they notice the content and think this is why the communication works so well.

5. Design creates experience.

Customer experience is best influenced by design, otherwise, it’s left to chance.  Most customer experiences are a result of systems and processes. Designing systems that affect experience help us define and ensure good service.  Customer experience happens at every point of engagement. Design influences, not just a Wow event, but Wow service.

6. Design isn’t expensive; it adds value.

The cost of the added time for good design is recouped many times over, in user experience and perceived value to the client. Companies that value design do better in a whole range of ways, including higher profit and greater market share. Design Counsel from the UK, a charity dedicated to improving people’s lives through the use of design did a report on the value of design.

7. Design defies commodification.

Your designs, are yours alone. Only you can communicate your objective in the unique way that is yours. Your design speaks to your audience and that can come only from you.

8. Familiar and simple can be impactful.

When designing,  having a good handle on the codes and conventions of the subject of your design, can make it so much easier to stay on message. And help achieve your communication objective.  At the same time delighting the audience you are aiming to serve.

9. Leverage trends

Fashion and design go hand in hand. Trends come and go, styles and techniques are current and popular for a time. Watching and being aware of  design in other areas than the one you specialize, can help you leverage these trends. Keeping you and your brand fresh, new and simply Fabulous! 😉


Design is  good for business. Good design gives you a competitive edge, drives lead generation, allows you to stand out while driving up revenue and profits. Spend on design, it works.

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