Become the Leader Your Business Demands

The 5 essential skills of leadership


  1.  Concentration - focus, exclusive attention, connection to the present.
  2. Discernment - prioritization of choices to achieve your vision
  3. Organization - a transformation from chaos to order, gives meaning to your vision and provides the structure to achieve your goals.
  4. Innovation - continually pursuing a better way
  5. Authenticity - how you express who you are, where you’re going and how you’ll get there. Communicating your vision in a way to bring more life to everyone your business touches.

Your business is a reflection of you

The type of leader you are, what you project out to the world, how you express yourself to your customers, employees and the community impact of your business. How you think, feel, and act shapes your business. Who you are as a leader affects your business. Growth as a leader requires you to recognize your deficiencies and understand they’re related to your strengths. We all have blind spots. A leader is open to the possibility that they are contributing to their business frustrations. Successful businesses are not perfect, they are continually innovating work processes, implementing new ideas and measuring results. You lead the way.

Entrepreneurial leadership

You must be as passionate about the company you’re creating as you are about building, designing, and maintaining fine lawns and landscapes. Entrepreneurial leaders feel the tension between where the company is today and their vision of where they want to take the business. That tension drives decisions about next steps to close the gap.

“The gap drives choices about what’s most important now, and why.”

You can never speak to your employees too often about where the company is going and what it’ll take from everyone to get there.

A place of meaning, culture, and self-improvement

Your people want to be a part of something that matters, something that feels greater than themselves. They want to be a part of a special place, where they can advance their careers, improve their performance, have an impact, and do work they’re proud of.

  • The way you communicate your vision provides a sense of purpose.
  • Your systems strategy based on your what you value provides a sense of order.
  • Your principles and how you live them, provide a sense of meaning.

The world you create for your people through your leadership is the company culture and brand. It’s your commitment to your people, your customers and the community that will inspire more life.


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