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The Journey from Prospect to Raving Fan

All About the Customer “Great customer experiences are a combination of inspired people and intelligent systems. Based on your values and your brand commitment.” Customer service in a business that works for you, can’t be dependent on your personal attention. Interested prospects go through a customer journey that begins the first time they see your […]

Landscape Projects Go the Whole 9 Yards

It’s Memorial Day Weekend. One the biggest problems we face as landscape professionals is taking the lows out of our production cycles. After July 4th sales drop way off. The time to market for those possible sales is now. This content comes straight from Houzz. I publish it now in the hopes of inspiring some marketing that […]


There is a low bar for entry into the landscaping business. Many people get into it with the best of intentions and high hopes of achieving success. How can you distinguish your business from all the rest? The answer is found in “Why”. Why are you in this line of work? The answer is at […]

Structure Enhances Creativity

Most things can be done in a variety of different ways. Doing things the same way every time will improve results. You’ll go deeper into the process with each effort. From mowing a lawn, constructing a patio, selling a job, to designing a garden, wrap process around it and you’ll see how infinitely detailed and […]

Minimum Wage: Preparation Is The Key To Success You Get What You Pay For ARTICLE AUG 14, 2014 The article You Pay For What You Get: seems to be trying to drum up support against increasing the minimum wage. I feel quite strongly about this subject and have views opposite of what are presented in the article. Increases in minimum wage […]

Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

Heart Of The Matter: Treating The Disease Instead Of The Person by LEANA WEN Edits and comments by Dan Pestretto A 56-year-old man is having lunch with his wife at a seafood restaurant just outside Boston when he develops crushing chest pain. He refuses an ambulance, so the man’s wife drives him to the ER. […]

Differentiation and Sustainability

My family has been in landscaping for over 80 years. I haven’t been around that long, but as long as I can remember, the business has been all about differentiation, based on value. There will always be someone who can make it cheaper, deliver it faster or a company that doesn’t understand their costs. The […]

Brand: It’s All About You

Most of us when we started thinking about owning our own business thought more about the type of work we’d do, the services we’d offer, and the nuts and bolts of operations. Branding to most of us was more like the packaging around our business; the logo, the website and our business cards. These are […]

Successful Businesses Know Why

Your Brand is the result of “Why”. Your employees, the way you operate in the market, your customer service and not to mention your mission statement are all results of “Why”. Why is what you believe, it’s the reason  you do what you do. It’s the motivation behind people choosing your product or service; it’s […]