Eat Love Work

Thanksgiving is the greatest American holiday if you ask me. It has family together and eating. And it says tons about what we believe is important. The holiday is all about being grateful for what we have and giving thanks to our families, our friends and our work. It’s also the beginning of the Holiday season, a time where most of us at work start thinking seriously about next year’s projections, budgets and moves we can make to advantage our tax position.

It’s also a very good time to sit down and reflect about what makes us happy, what gives our work meaning and as business owners how we can have a life work balance, that works for us, our families and our business. In this time of reflection, it sometimes helps to have a coach, a mentor, someone to guide you, hold you accountable and help you achieve your goals. It might be a good time to talk to us. We can hold you accountable and give you time tested proven methods to help you find what will work best for you. “Work on your business not in it.”

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