“I Can’t Find Good People!”

How many times a month do I hear that! Yet most business owners don’t make the connection from their vision for the company to their company’s brand and to attracting people who want to work. Attracting the right people means getting people who believe what you do about the importance of your work.

A well-organized business, structured around a clear vision with documented systems allows for people with the right attitude to achieve their professional goals, learn new skills and to be productive, successful people. If you’re not finding good people, looking at yourself and your business, your vision, and your values about the work is a good place to start.

Finding and attracting motivated people that resonate with your vision and business’s purpose is imperative. Hiring decisions are among the most consequential business decisions you can make. When I ask about hiring systems from the business owners complaining, it seems they haven’t spent the time preparing well-functioning employee recruiting systems.

These systems must work to attract the right people who believe as you do about the work your company does; people who are inspired by your vision and aligned with your company’s values and standards. There will be many kinds of people who will be attracted to your clearly defined vision, based on meaningful values and standards for the quality of work. I have never met anyone who takes on a new job, so they can be miserable and eventually get fired. If you’re clear, it will be easy to see who aligns with your principles, values, and company vision during the interview. Diversity supports creativity, innovation, and growth.

Investment goes both ways

To establish your principles, your standards, your unique way of the way we do it here, (in other words), your brand. You must be able to rely on each member of your team to bring the best of themselves to their position. Your investment in each team member’s development; not just in their position-related skills, but in their ability to engage and impact their lives. This will call out their very best.

Your employees are likely to invest in their work to the degree they feel your whole-hearted investment in them, as people.

“It’s your commitment to standards, that set a level of expectation that will satisfy career goals, personal improvement and inspire everyone to more life.”


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