Life Before Auto-CAD


I am happy to say I am too young to remember these times. I remember blueprints though. And that ammonia smell to make copies. There are lots of people working in our industry today who have no idea what it was like before CAD.

There WILL be lots of people who will not remember what it was like before we outsourced our graphic work as well. I believe outsourcing CAD drafting and 3D drawings is what smart, forward thinking landscape companies will do to reduce overhead, improve the quality of their presentations and allow their salespeople and designers to spend more time on what they love and what is best for their companies, time with clients, not the computer.

Our industry is changing, getting better, more sophisticated and it’s not enough to know design and or horticulture. Buyers expect more, they know more  and we all, want More.

Today Everybody Wants More

How can we be better? How can we provide our customers more. Our employees more and our communities, more.

America has always been the country of ideas. We are thinkers. We have always attracted the best of what the world has to offer. In a global economy, each country contributes as it has been endowed. There was a time, when if you wanted to outsource you had to be huge. The cost of outsourcing prohibited most companies from taking advantage of the benefits.

Those days are over, but most people haven't noticed it yet. They don’t realize in our globally connected world even the smallest companies can benefit. Or maybe they're suffering from 'superhero' syndrome and think they've got to do everything themselves - if only they realised:

  • it is often less expensive to outsource than to have employees
  • they could reclaim time if they didn’t have to do it all themselves
  • it’s easier to manage a vendor than staff
  • how much control they could regain over their business, “working on it” and “not in it”.
  • the additional revenue they could generate (getting more done in the same time amount of time)

To give our customers more, our employees more and for us to contribute more to our communities as American landscape companies, we now have  an opportunity to focus on design more and less on drawing by hand or with CAD. We can focus our efforts on design concepts that delight, impress and transport our gardens into acts of love. Yes, acts of love. Isn’t that why we all got into landscaping, anyways? Part of giving more, is going deeper into our purpose. Finding meaning in our work. When you really get down deep to the essence of our work, gardens at their best, are acts of love.

Values Passion and Purpose

We can do so much more today than we could when drafters were laying on master plans in order to draft concepts. Technology and our imaginations make possible today what we couldn’t even imagine yesterday. Because of your imagination, your concepts, your love for what you can provide, and technology; what we can do now what we weren’t even dreaming about in the 80’s.

Outsourcing allows us to focus on what’s important. Finding the truth of what our clients desire from their gardens (it’s not just low maintenance plantings, fire pits and outdoor kitchens) Your gardens can have meaning, elicit passion and demonstrate what’s really important to you and your clients. When concentrating on significance, substance and the foundational values of service, truth, art and not on drawings. The sky's the limit.

My company SOD Inc. is part of an international group of landscape designers and architects and computer draftspeople offering landscape designers in the US an opportunity to pursue meaning, truth and art. Dreams.

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