Systems Are Not the Answer. At least not the whole answer.

The relationship between people and systems

Building a business that works for you requires a deep understanding of how powerfully people can connect with systems. Carefully crafted systems based on your business objectives and your values can give your business superior results. But it’s important to remember that building a business that works for you, isn’t just about getting your systems documented and monitoring results.

“It’s people first, systems second.”

Inspired people authentically engaged in pursuing what’s meaningful to them through your systems is what makes a business consistently delightful to your customers and rewarding for your employees. It's the basis of "how we do it here”. How we do it here, is your brand.

The core of your brand is rooted in the understanding of what’s in your heart. It’s what you value and find meaningful about the products and services your business delivers. And it’s your brand that informs your marketing message. Your marketing will attract customers and employees who believe what you believe about the work your business does. Systems steeped in your values are what will give meaning to everyone's work.

“People are the most important part of the equation.”

When people and systems come together in the right balance, the result is a consistent business producing extraordinary results that don’t depend on you. A business moving towards your vision, a team achieving their personal and professional goals, and a community that supports and is supported by your business.


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