The Innovation Cycle

Because we are in a constantly changing world. Our systems must be dynamic, keeping pace with evolving markets, customer preferences, and competition. Continuous systems improvement is the ongoing process of:

  • Innovation – discovering a better way
  • Quantification – testing and measuring it
  • Orchestration – documenting and implementing your systems

It’s about continually improving your customer experience and your company’s results.

Keep your focus on your customer

The drive to innovate tests your commitment to your customer. However, improvements to your business systems must:

  • Improve your bottom line
  • Enhance team satisfaction
  • Delight your customers


In the end, it’s satisfied and loyal customers that will help your business grow and thrive.

Change is the only constant

A commitment to continuous system improvement depends on a team that embraces change. As the leader, your team’s relationship to change has everything to do with yours. A thoughtful leader understands how to make finding better ways to keep your promise to your customer challenging, exciting, and something that gives everyone on your team more life.


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