Heart and Values Based Systems Designer,
Business Developer and Speaker


The kiss of death in a presentation is ambivalence. It doesn’t have to be bad, to be horrible. Dan Pestretto engages!


Having grown up in the landscaping business and working 20 years in the field as a laborer Dan Pestretto connects.


Growing multiple successful landscape businesses around the world, as a designer, contractor, business owner and leader. His programs are packed with creative, insightful solutions, that help companies and individuals connect their hearts to their organizational objectives, systems strategy, sales processes and to their company's brand promise. The content will energize, involve, enlighten and power your group to action. Dan Pestretto delivers!

Pestretto is the Founder of SOD Inc. and author of an Amazon Best Selling Book, “Heart: Building a Great Brand in the Digital Age”

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  • Keynote
  • Convention breakout
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Dan Pestretto eMail: danp@sodinc.net
Direct: (857)600-6991
Area of Expertise:
Landscape Business Development
Major Topics:
  • Getting Your Business to Work for You!
    Instead of you working for it.
  • Systems are Not the Answer
    It’s people first, systems second.
  • Getting and Keeping Great Help
    It’s not about them. It’s about you.
  • Effortless, and Awesome 3D Landscape Presentations
    Beautiful representations of your landscape concepts.
  • Values Passion and Purpose
    The key to business development
  • Business Systemization
Articulate, well focused, generous... broke down the sales process in a way that was easy to digest
Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Association

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