What are your strategic objectives for 2021?

Achieve them.


Are you reflecting on the year you just went through? Residential landscaping businesses throughout the world generally faired quite well. COVID put the juice to demand for pools, outdoor entertainment areas, and lots of people found horticultural therapy is really a thing.

However, if you are feeling somewhat nonplussed by what happened to your business this year... be it that you’re in the residential space or not. Your feelings may be because you don’t have a clear goal you’re working towards. Now’s the time to get INTENTIONAL about your business.

What are your dreams made of? Whatever they are, you can make them real. It takes clear goals, plans, and contingencies just in case next year is as wacky as this one, or not.

EMyth’s guide Your Annual Plan 2021 can help.

Inside, you'll get:

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