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Freedom to Choose
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Freedom from Overwhelm

Feel like the smartest guy in the room at work?

And at the same time incompetent, frustrated, inadequate and ill-equipped to make a change?

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Owning and running a landscape business is tough. Remember when business was “nothing personal”, we were “in control” of the sales process, had access to wholesale pricing your customers couldn’t touch, and if you were talented, you could name your price?

Customers are looking for your “Why”, Employees are looking for your wallet, and there’s hardly ever credit to be had at the supply yards anymore. “A Business That Works for You” seems like a &^*%$ fantasy.

The lifecycle of a Landscape Business with Systems Organized by Design
Stage - 1

Put up some collateral to start. Borrow more money as you get a little bigger. You build a foundation, set goals, and clarify your objectives (vision) for your company. You work on becoming the leader, your “vision” demands.

We develop a “Systemization Plan” and you begin to systemize the core functions of your business, including finance, but we start with Leadership.

Stage - 2

What you’ve established is working, and there are more opportunities for Growth. With opportunities come challenges. Your systemic infrastructure is built on your principles, your core values, and the way you want things done. Your company’s systems also support your people in their personal career development and in achieving the company’s vision. You grow as a leader, and your company’s revenues and profits grow.

Stage - 3

Your business functions on the systemic infrastructure you’ve created. You have great employees, but you’re not dependent on them. They know how things get done, and your business runs on systems. You as the owner have the freedom to choose what you do.

Your business works for you. You’re free from overwhelm, and best of all, you and your family are free financially

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A 400% increase in profitable revenue! Passion for excellence, Drive to serve and a commitment to truth. A real game-changer for us.

JEFFREY DAWKINS Controller - Green Thumb Nursery and Landscaping Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman​

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Our coaching agreements are based on month to month fees. If you ever don't see the value in our service you are free to cancel at any time. There are no termination fees. We must earn your business and prove our value with every session and every hour you spend with us. Your success is our reward.

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