Are You and Your Team Engaged in Meaningful Work?

Whatever work there is should have as much meaning as possible. Wherever possible, workmen should be artists; their work should be the application of knowledge or science and known and enjoyed by them as such.” –Michael E. Gerber (Author of “The EMyth Revisited”)


In business coaching, the secret to helping people is in asking the right questions.  Consider these:

  1. Why did you choose to do landscaping?
  2. How do you approach the work? (The fulfillment of your agreements)
  3. Are you more focused on making a profit or making a difference?
  4. Are you generous? 
  5. Is what you’re doing sustainable and worthy?
  6. What does doing it better mean to you?
  7. Is your company doing work that matters?

I love coaching because my work matters. It matters to you, your employees and if we accomplish what we set out to do, our work matters to everyone your business touches. 

It is my genuine belief Landscaping matters. I am a third-generation horticulturist and am still involved in landscaping. These are my thoughts about our work.

Landscape Maintenance – keeping the original design intent intact, caring for the earth by honoring nature and keeping plants alive and lawns looking good. The science, horticulture, supports landscape maintenance and is always improving and always interesting. Doing landscape maintenance right is about horticultural science, the art of finding ways to respect the original design intent or creating opportunities to enhance the existing conditions. It’s about caring, , creating or sustaining beautiful and healthy landscapes.  

Design – be artfully receptive to the building, the interior, the client’s needs and to the larger environment. 

Build – be aware of the environment, the surroundings, the access, an intuitive presence to the space, the supporting and surrounding environment. The ability to work within the structures created by place, time and resources allocated to the job through contractural restraints. It takes passion for the field of landscape construction and appreciation of our craft.  

It is my hope that these words will inspire you to make a difference and do work that matters as a technician, a manager, or as an entrepreneur.

How do we do it?  Why do we do it?  What do we measure?

My wish for you is to be authentic and generous.



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