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Your Customers Already Know the Truth

The downside of being a small business, we are at the mercy of our help. Anyone on your team doesn’t show up there isn’t usually someone who can step into their place. This can affect completion deadlines. Customers are aware of these things. we’re hired because of our talents. The care and skill our people […]

Leading through COVID and Beyond

        Leading Through a Crisis and Beyond   Right now it can be hard to see beyond the overwhelm, the disbelief and your own negative outlook. You may be facing the need to keep employees safe, manage productivity, and protect revenue. All in an environment where it’s hard to know what is […]

Are You and Your Team Engaged in Meaningful Work?

“Whatever work there is should have as much meaning as possible. Wherever possible, workmen should be artists; their work should be the application of knowledge or science and known and enjoyed by them as such.” -Michael E. Gerber (Author of “The EMyth Revisited”)   In business coaching, the secret to helping people is in asking […]

On Being A Dad -by Vitaliy Katsenelson CFA

This appeared in my Spam folder and the title got me to open it. The sentiments expressed are at the heart of why I do the work at Systems Organized by Design SOD. I feel fortunate that I took the time to read this. I hope you do too. A CFA’s perspective is a lot […]

The Innovation Cycle

Because we are in a constantly changing world. Our systems must be dynamic, keeping pace with evolving markets, customer preferences, and competition. Continuous systems improvement is the ongoing process of: Innovation – discovering a better way Quantification – testing and measuring it Orchestration – documenting and implementing your systems It’s about continually improving your customer […]

Commit to Excellence. Continuously Improve Your Systems

What is the meaning of what we do as landscape business owners? What is the purpose of being in business, if not to do it better than anyone else has ever done before? “There is always a better way.”  How you and your team do things to honor your commitments to each other and to […]

“I Can’t Find Good People!”

How many times a month do I hear that! Yet most business owners don’t make the connection from their vision for the company to their company’s brand and to attracting people who want to work. Attracting the right people means getting people who believe what you do about the importance of your work. A well-organized […]

Organize Your Business Around Functions

To have a business that works for you it must be organized. Our goal is to have a business that works without you. Crucial to that is a business organized around systems and accountability: Here are 3 critical elements to consider. Vision. A picture of your business when it’s working for you. But it’s a […]