Commit to Excellence. Continuously Improve Your Systems


What is the meaning of what we do as landscape business owners? What is the purpose of being in business, if not to do it better than anyone else has ever done before?

“There is always a better way.”

 How you and your team do things to honor your commitments to each other and to your customers is not something you figure out once and it’s done. There are always better ways to do things, technology changes, expectations from customers and employees change. If the way you do things doesn’t change, your company could be left behind. Especially in the landscaping industry.

Differentiate and Thrive

Our industry founded on small companies servicing local clientele is experiencing huge changes.

  1. Successful landscape companies are being brought up by venture capitalists consolidating them and sometimes offering services internationally.
  2. Computer applications like Uber are commodifying landscape services to the lowest common denominator, adding to your price and taking a cut.
  3. Amazon is offering “Home Services”, including landscaping.

Ours is an era of transformation. Only those companies committed to excel will be able to differentiate and thrive.

There is always a better way

Committing to excellence drives changes to systems, as does the tension between where your company is today and the vision for where you’d like to lead it. The way you do things today is only the way you do it until someone in your company finds a better way. Your systems fulfill the promises you’ve made to your customer, your prospects, your vendors, your investors, your team, and to yourself.

To excel, everyone in your organization must continuously seek the best way to accomplish the objectives of their position. Managers must manage to departmental objectives and the Entrepreneurial leader set the objectives to guide the organization to goals dictated by the vision. In other words, everyone must be committed to asking, What’s the best way to do this?

“The way we do it here. Is only the way, until someone discovers, a way to do it better!”


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