Organize Your Business Around Functions

To have a business that works for you it must be organized. Our goal is to have a business that works without you. Crucial to that is a business organized around systems and accountability: Here are 3 critical elements to consider.

  1. Vision. A picture of your business when it’s working for you. But it’s a lot more than that.T

“The vision for your business becomes the company’s heart and soul. The heart of your business is the source of passion, you, your employees and the community feel for your business.”

 Your vision is based on doing something for your customers extraordinarily, every time. The vision for your business must mean something. You must come to understand why and how landscaping can be meaningful for you, your employees and your customers. And that meaning should be at the core of every system’s objective.

  1. Organization. Most Business owners when starting to think about organizing, organize around people. But you should start with functions. There are really only four core functions in every business and that includes landscaping businesses. They are:
    1. Sales
    2. Operations/Production
    3. Finance
    4. Leadership

Processes that work to the same objective are grouped into systems and each system is categorized under one of the four core functions.

To have a business where accountabilities are clear, you’ll need an Org Chart that represents your business when it’s working for you. Meaning when it’s achieving the goals you set out for it to accomplish. Here’s a pretty good website that can help to guide your thinking on Org Chart creation.

  1. Strategy. Your Business Systemization Plan is the strategic heart of your business. Organizing your business informs which positions will be accountable for systems objectives. Only one position can be accountable for each objective. Strategy also informs how the core of your vision is embedded into each system’s objective.

“Ultimately, the strategy in organizing is all about accountability for results. Customers come to your business for one thing, and one thing only, Results.”

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