Setting Goals for 2020 That Move Your Company Towards a “Business That Works for You”.

Business Management Goals for 2020Right now, you may be the hardest working person in your company; most landscape business owners are. Are you achieving your goals? Can you walk away from your business for an indefinite amount of time and know your customers would receive the same level of service and satisfaction and continue to grow?

Do you really need to even set goals? Not having goals means your not likely to fail. Do your best, come what may, no worries, no stress. However, companies led by a leader who sets the goals are getting to the next level, leading our industry, and are the companies who are kicking it. And setting the right goals moves your company towards working for you.

Recognizing the Right Achievements

Setting goals is only part of the process of driving towards “a business that works for you”. Are your goals all about the tangibles?

Tangible goals are:

  • Sales figures
  • Profit ratios
  • Landscape enhancement amounts/account

“Experience has taught me that it’s the intangible goals that move you closer 

towards a business that works for you.

Intangible goals are:

  • Team engagement/collaboration
  • Customer experience
  • Systemization and process improvements

This is not to say that the intangibles are the only goals worth working to achieve. Tangible goals are necessary. And a business that “works for you” with higher tangible goals, helps if you’re interested in becoming free financially.

Leadership Is Setting the Goals

“Your Leadership system is foundational to your entire business and your life.” EMyth

Are most of your working hours consumed by emails, phone calls, and putting out fires? Helping with or doing the billing, HR, and maybe even hiding from the financials? Do you find yourself on the job with “the guys” showing them how you want it done?

Then you’re not leading. And don’t fool yourself. You’re not leading by example either. You are basically an employee.

Employees don’t set company goals. Leaders do. You must become a leader. You may not think of yourself as a leader or feel skilled at practicing good leadership. However, as the owner, you are the leader of your company. Leadership cannot be delegated or ignored.

The framework for you to lead, think like an entrepreneur, inspire, and achieve your goals is:

  1. Work on It, Not Just in It.
  2. Create the Picture of a Business That Works for You
  3. Become the Leader Your Business Demands
  4. Look at your business as the product (landscaping is just the service your company provides)

(Upcoming articles will deal more with the framework.)

Focus on these four principles of the framework as you work towards becoming the leader your business demands. As a truly effective leader, you set goals and achieve a business that works for you.

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I am an EMyth Coach and Landscape Business Consultant. Portions of this article were paraphrased or quoted from EMyth content.

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