Business Management: Part Art, Part Science and All Heart

Art Life can be beautiful and with the right perspective. It is possible to see that we are surrounded by art. Studs Terkel’s musical, tells it way better than I can. He illustrated the dignity and art of “Working”. Suffice it to say, if you look, you can find art in all kinds of work. From waitressing to cleaning floors, mowing a lawn or designing a garden. There is beauty to be found in all of it.

Science If you’re in business, I guarantee there is science that will either back you up in your work or, you have a tremendous opportunity to improve your service and bottom line. Look at the science of what you are doing. Businesses that understand the science related to their work; work more efficiently, effectively and at higher profit margins than those that don’t. Work smarter not harder.

Heart Today your brand is your voice, your vision, your values, your meaning, and your purpose; it’s now less about what you’re selling and more about how people identify with what you believe. When you add your heart and passion to your business, customers can’t help but notice and respond to your sincerity and vision. Truly believing in what you’re doing strengthens your reputation. Systemizing heart into customer service ensures that your customers will have a positive experience with your company.

Business Management is all about systemizing your business. It is a science and there is organizational beauty to it. We’d love to show you how. We are offering a business systemization workshop in New York next to JFK. Fly in, get a jump on your business systemization processes just before spring starts. It’s not too late. For more information and registration details,

Dan Pestretto is an Amazon Best Selling Author, business leader and consultant working with designers, contractors and trade service providers. He helps business owners develop, fine-tune and implement their companies’ systems, and empowers them to significantly increase their annual revenues.

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