Generosity’s Power to Achieve Strategic Goals

Have you noticed how difficult it has become to call most of the larger companies in the US? I mean if you have a technical problem or a service issue just try to find a number to call them directly. Heck even sales are becoming mostly automated!  

This is not a rant on AI, automation, or speech recognition. It’s about what is driving it.

Is cheaper better? Is profit the only thing that matters?

What are your company’s values? How important is the quality of your service, and of your relationships? Is  the quality of your company’s character important? If profits are to be maximized what is the value of generosity? 

It was my feeling a few years ago that the dawning of the digital age would reward those companies who operated with character and values at the fore. I still believe the increased power of the consumer with the ability to flip  the information advantage, and the power of individuals to let people know about the service they received through reviews, should drive companies to deliver the best possible customer experience. “Heart: Building A Great Brand in the Digital Age

When the next recession hits, quality companies with character will come through it better than those who are known as cheap.

It is possible to systematically build an organization that acts with integrity. To attract people who care and understand the value of service. To build a team who’s outlook is longer term. 

Profiting from each and every transaction will not ultimately serve the company’s strategic goals.


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