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Generosity’s Power to Achieve Strategic Goals

Have you noticed how difficult it has become to call most of the larger companies in the US? I mean if you have a technical problem or a service issue just try to find a number to call them directly. Heck even sales are becoming mostly automated!   This is not a rant on AI, automation, […]


We can choose to commit to a recursive and infinite path that elegantly creates more of the same. We can choose possibility. We can choose connection. We can choose optimism. We can choose justice. We can choose kindness. We can choose resilience. And we can decide to take responsibility. Each leads to more of the […]

Turning frustrations into solutions

January 7, 2021 In this episode of the Green Industry Perspectives Podcast, Ty Deemer welcomes Dan Pestretto to the show. Dan is a former landscaper turned coach/consultant that focuses his time on helping landscape companies implement systems to support healthy growth. Dan shares how he learned from his biggest failures and now uses those lessons […]

Great Expectations Landscape Design Build 2021

It’s a reflective time of year. This year showed a lot of us what we’re made of. The realization that the businesses we’ve spent so long to build are underpinned by things out of our control. Government’s reaction to the pandemic was surprising. Both good and bad. But as they say, there is light at […]

The Difference between Art and Science

Landscape Design Builders – Are the plans even half of it? From Seth Godin Nov. 9th – “One difference between science and art If you can’t replicate the work and get the same outcome, then it’s not science. If you can replicate the work and get the same outcome, it’s not art.” This brings me […]

Gratitude and Grace

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Around the world, there are harvest holidays with gratitude at their core. No matter who we are, or what has happened, there is always reason to be grateful. Even in a pandemic.  Yesterday I posted a video on the blog about our future. I am grateful for the young people […]

The Future is Bright

A purpose in life. Make the world better, more beautiful, resilient, sustainable, colorful, and delicious. Congratulations #RINLA Great thoughts and a really nice video.

9 Reasons to Spend Time on Design

Let’s start with a definition, Steve Jobs defined it well. “Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works.”  Good design works well and feels right. Good design doesn’t start with an aesthetic objective, good design starts with a communication objective. By that I mean what do we want to say? […]

5 Step Systemization Plan for A Business That Works for You

Systemizing your business based on what you hold important, your values and principles are the keys to having a business that works for you. This 5 step business plan walks you through the steps.  Identify all the tasks of your business. At this point, don’t worry about documenting all of these processes. Understand the scope […]

Financial Systems Most of us think if we get branding down, market effectively, produce efficiently, and have great looking landscapes, we’ll charge the going rate and everything will work out fine. In other words, work smart and the money will take care of itself. It doesn’t.  Just as you need to systemize Admin, Production, and […]