Gratitude and Grace

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Around the world, there are harvest holidays with gratitude at their core. No matter who we are, or what has happened, there is always reason to be grateful. Even in a pandemic. 

Yesterday I posted a video on the blog about our future. I am grateful for the young people that choose to work with us in our profession. I am grateful for the connection to the earth as landscape professionals that we all have made.  I respect and admire young people’s decision to value the earth and work to make it a more sustainable, beautiful, colorful, and a more delicious place.

Seth Godin – “It doesn’t matter what country, what culture or what background you come from…Gratitude works.

Gratitude scales.

Gratitude creates a positive cycle of more gratitude.

When in doubt, default to gratitude.” Gratitude and Grace.  -dp


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