Listening Better, Makes You: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

It seems so easy, it reaps huge rewards and yet, almost all of us need to work on getting better at it. Tons of studies show that people accurately comprehend or internalize less than 30% of what they hear. That means it’ll take us a minimum of hearing something three times before we get it. And then, not even all of it!

Listening better at home gets you healthier relationships.

Better Listening at Work Gets You:

  1. More trust among colleagues, staff, customers and the community – (Honor your company’s valuable resources)
  2. Better company culture – (Listening is contagious.)
  3. Improved sales – (In today’s market your prospects are not generally listening to a presentation to get the facts. They’ve done their research. They are feeling you out. Listen. You will learn the keys to the sale, their loyalty and referrals.)
  4. Improved customer service – (When your frontline makes a mistake, and they will, the single largest factor influencing a positive outcome.)
  5. Lower blood pressure – (Bottling it up inside doesn’t help, but not listening can be just as bad)
  6. Time to consider options – (Managing by impulse is never a good thing. Listen to what is being said.)
  7. Treat others as you would want to be treated. – (Earn respect)

Better listeners are rewarded with better information. Wise.

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