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Ditch the Drafting Drudgery: Unleash Your Design Genius

As a landscape designer or design-build pro, you didn’t get into this business to spend hours hunched over a computer, wrestling with CAD software and 3D modeling programs. You’re a creative at heart, and your true passion lies in transforming outdoor spaces into stunning, functional masterpieces. But let’s be real – all that technical drafting […]

Intimidated by the learning Curve on Design Software? Make Your Hardscape Designs Shine with Outsourced Drafting and Visualization

As a hardscape contractor, you know your clients’ vision is the key to creating outdoor living spaces that truly wow. But turning those ideas into professional-looking designs can be time consuming. Taking you away from what you do best – the construction and installation and serving your clients. Outsourcing your drafting and visualization needs can […]

The Psychology of Sales

You must know your stuff. That’s the relatively easy part. If you’re reading this, you are likely a seasoned pro with experience in the field of outdoor living design and construction. If you’re a student or just thinking about starting out, don’t start in sales. Get out there and do some construction before you go […]

4 Key Strategies to Make Sales Easy: 50% Close Rate or Better! Video

LANDSCAPE DESIGN BUILD CONTRACTORS What if I told you there’s a proven method to achieve close ratios of over 50% in your landscape design build business? In this thought-provoking video, I uncover the powerful union between Lead Qualification and Sales processes. Discover the four key strategies that can transform your approach and drive unprecedented success. […]

Our 5-Step Guide to Securing Design Retainer Agreements

This guide will equip you with a 5-step approach to securing design retainer agreements, allowing you to focus on what you do best: creating stunning outdoor escapes for your clients. (Side note: After my first sales call using this process after nearly 20 years of doing it “the old fashioned contractor way “my remark to […]

Designs for Landscape/Hardscape Companies: A Loss Leader NO MORE!

A series of HOW TO articles on selling design work profitably.This is article #1. Why Offer Design Most landscape and hardscape design build companies make their money on construction. But find building other people’s designs less than satisfying from a creative and financial perspective. The way to beat the competition in any market is through […]

Help Guide #1

Help Guide Section 1: Preparing Your Information (What we need from you.) This section guides you through compiling the information needed for SOD Landscape Design Support to create your CAD drawings efficiently and accurately. 1a. What Information Do I Need to Provide? To streamline the process, consider these two key questions at the start of […]

Great Expectations Landscape Design Build 2021

It’s a reflective time of year. This year showed a lot of us what we’re made of. The realization that the businesses we’ve spent so long to build are underpinned by things out of our control. Government’s reaction to the pandemic was surprising. Both good and bad. But as they say, there is light at […]