The Journey from Prospect to Raving Fan

All About the Customer

“Great customer experiences are a combination of inspired people and intelligent systems. Based on your values and your brand commitment.”

Customer service in a business that works for you, can’t be dependent on your personal attention. Interested prospects go through a customer journey that begins the first time they see your trucks, meet an employee, find your website, or see a lawn sign posted on one of your properties. If they become raving fans it will be because of consistently extraordinary customer service supported by your systems and employees.

What is Brand Commitment and how does that support the customer journey?

Your Brand is how you do what you do. Your brand commitment is a promise you make that describes what your customers will feel in every interaction with your business. It is the total expression of your customer experience. It’s the values underlying everything you do. It’s the “Why” that supports everything your company does. It’s at the core of your marketing message and at the root of your process, protocols, and procedures.

“Your brand commitment is the supporting structure for every system in your company.”

  • Your brand commitment is the essence of why you do it, the way you do.
  • Your brand commitment underlies and enhances how emotional connections are made and is at the core of every process, protocol, and procedure.
  • Your brand commitment is evident in every manifestation of your brand.
  • In your people, the words used in your marketing, and the text and font on your website.
  • In images of your work, videos you put online, and in every sensory element that has your company name attached.

Your brand commitment is what makes you different. It’s your unique way of caring for your customers. It’s the heart of how your systems are designed, implemented and in the metrics, you use to quantify success. It’s in every one of your employees’ interactions with the public and how they achieve your vision. It’s in the way you design, maintain and construct landscapes. It’s the way, you, do, business.

“It’s your brand commitment that brings life to your business, develops raving fans and what inspires your business to work for you.”


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