Your Customers Already Know the Truth

The downside of being a small business, we are at the mercy of our help.

Anyone on your team doesn’t show up there isn’t usually someone who can step into their place. This can affect completion deadlines. Customers are aware of these things. we’re hired because of our talents. The care and skill our people bring to the project and the artistic outcomes our portfolios demonstrate.

After 30 years in business, and yet, even now, with really impatient clients, it amazes me how understanding they can be.

They hire you knowing your firm is not a bureaucracy. Timelines are affected by weather and who shows up. They hire you because they like you and they trust at the finish of the project they’ll have something uniquely wonderful. A product they’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

PLEASE TAKE THIS TO HEART¬†–> There is no need to make promises you can’t keep. Be proactive about what is going on and what you know about the project. There is NO REASON to hide from promises you’ve made. Being proactive will do more to increase the professionalism of your firm and status in the community than anything else.

I know, I have been there. I am here. I help landscape business owners have businesses that work for them.

My family has been in high-end residential landscaping for over 90 years. I have¬†owned and managed landscaping businesses throughout the US and in the Caribbean. The average growth rate for my clients’ companies is well over 300%.


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