There is a low bar for entry into the landscaping business. Many people get into it with the best of intentions and high hopes of achieving success. How can you distinguish your business from all the rest? The answer is found in “Why”.

Why are you in this line of work? The answer is at the root of your company’s brand. Once you know Why, you have the means to differentiate your business. But, it’s not enough for you to know why. Your why has to be part of everything your company does, it needs to be built into your systems. From the way, your phones are answered to how late payments and unhappy customer issues are resolved. Your “Why” are essentially your values.

Your values give your business meaning and purpose. They’re a reflection of your heart.

If Heart is a part of everything the company does.

You’ll attract people who resonate with your brand
Your employees will have values similar to yours
Your systems will be the manifestation of your personal values, meaning and purpose.
Systemizing your heart into your Standard Operating Procedures SOP’s, is the way to beat commodification and to BE a Business of Distinction.

“Work on, not in your business” Michael E Gerber. Systemize your business, take the first step to the business of your dreams. We can show you how. Go to our Homepage, click the Let’s talk icon and we’ll get started.

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