The Key to an Over 60% Sales Close Rate

If it’s price, you lose. If it’s demonstrating value during the sales call, you and the client win. The only way I know how to demonstrate value on a sales call is to develop a sales process that allows for an honest exchange of information between the prospect and the salesperson. The process should allow for the salesperson to convey enough information about the company giving the buyer the support and confidence necessary to make the purchase.

Our sales process is simple, easy to understand and is adaptable to many different types of products and services. Whether you are selling tangible or intangible products or services, the steps involved in the process are always the same. When executed properly the process will keep the needs of the client primary. The process facilitates the exchange of the information necessary for the salesperson and the buyer to come to an agreement. They will either agree they are a good match for each other, or agree they are not.

Branding and marketing should attract the type of person who is a good fit for the company’s service. The customer qualification protocol before the sales visit and the sales process will ultimately determine client suitability. The sales process supports the client through the buying process and allows the sales person to set client expectations to the point where the company is in a position to thrill and enchant every time.

Practice makes perfect.

At Salespeople-On-Demand our initial analysis of your company’s branding, marketing, products and services will inform our sales process development. Once the process has been established we practice it, role play it, and make it our own. When we go out on that first call we are confident that we will be able to walk the client through the process in a relaxed, natural and honest manner. From the first call and on every call thereafter, we adhere to the process. Not strictly in the same order, prospects needs and desires are always primary and will dictate how we go through it. Executing the process on every call makes us able to fine tune it, to compare prospect responses and better pinpoint why a prospect did not make a commitment. Debriefing with a manager helps us to objectively critique ourselves and each other, after the call.

The work put in to developing the process and faithfully executing it, delivers returns and allows our sales people to consistently close above 30%. When we work with clients on branding and marketing our sales close ratio is frequently over 60%!

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