Successful Businesses Know Why

Your Brand is the result of “Why”. Your employees, the way you operate in the market, your customer service and not to mention your mission statement are all results of “Why”. Why is what you believe, it’s the reason  you do what you do. It’s the motivation behind people choosing your product or service; it’s the heart of your business. “Why” relates to sales, branding and marketing. Simon Sinek’s presentation at TED Talks was a very good articulation of what differentiates companies in the marketplace. If you haven’t seen it you can find it here , it’s well worth a listen.

Mr. Simon’s premise is that “people don’t buy what you do; they buy “Why” you do it”. They buy from people who believe what they believe. And like all great theories its science based, you gotta love that! There’s a theory called the Triune Brain Theory by Paul MacLean and it postulates that our brains can be grouped into three parts:

  1. The reptilian brain, controls our body’s vital functions
    1. Heart rate, breathing, body temperature and balance (we do these without thinking)
  2. The neocortex brain, responsible for the development of language abstract thought, imagination and consciousness
    1. The logic and reasoning part of our brain
  3. The limbic brain, the seat of value judgments that often unconsciously exert a strong influence on our behavior and decision making.
    1. The feelings part of our brain; trust and loyalty come from this part of our brain,it has no capacity for language and is responsible for that “gut feeling”

As salespeople we are not interested in the reptilian part of our prospect’s brain (although they need to be breathing in order to sign the check ;). Your average salesperson will attempt to appeal to the neocortex, these salespeople close at about 30% with features and benefits,facts and figures. But the real rainmakers, the people closing above 50% are the ones who fashion a message that our limbic brains love. They go to the “why” you would want to buy this product. They identify the purpose of the company’s being; they get to the“heart” of the matter. They help their customers understand that the company and its products are results of a higher purpose. They appeal to a prospect’s emotions.

The results of “Why” affect branding, marketing and help to attract loyal customers and employees. Why you do what you do should permeate from the core of your organization through your brand your messaging, leadership and out to every front-line employee.


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