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Landscape Projects Go the Whole 9 Yards

It’s Memorial Day Weekend. One the biggest problems we face as landscape professionals is taking the lows out of our production cycles. After July 4th sales drop way off. The time to market for those possible sales is now. This content comes straight from Houzz. I publish it now in the hopes of inspiring some marketing that […]

Differentiation and Sustainability

My family has been in landscaping for over 80 years. I haven’t been around that long, but as long as I can remember, the business has been all about differentiation, based on value. There will always be someone who can make it cheaper, deliver it faster or a company that doesn’t understand their costs. The […]

Marketing for Cheapskates: Little money Big ROI

Content Marketing. It’s everything you put up on the web, your company’s website, FaceBook page, LinkedIn company page, blog, photos, webinars, ebooks videos, podcasts,all of it, its all content. Everything you put up on Social Media is content as well. It’s considered inbound marketing as it pulls your prospects into a process as you attempt […]