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Forget the Sale, Remember the Process, Focus on the Client

Nearly every aspect of the business development process should be geared towards building a relationship of mutual support with your prospective customers. By taking your focus from the sale and concentrating on your clients’ needs, you’ll send a powerful message of concern and genuine customer care that will earn their trust, their commitment to your […]

The Key to a Company’s Success? Turns Out Science Proves, It’s Sales!

Harvard Business Review, HBR, recently posted a very interesting article on what makes companies successful “Three Rules for Making a Company Truly Great” Their metric was Return On Assets (ROA). They looked at over 25,000 companies from 1966 to 2010. “After repeatedly trying and failing to isolate measurable behaviors that were consistently relevant to […]

How and Why to Be a Leader (Not a Wannabe)

I came a across this article in the HBR Blog (Harvard Business Review). Its about true leadership. At Salespeople On Demand generally work with small business owners and although our work is focused on sales, business owners are generally the ones directing the company.  Our work helps business owners become leaders.