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5 Step Systemization Plan for A Business That Works for You

Systemizing your business based on what you hold important, your values and principles are the keys to having a business that works for you. This 5 step business plan walks you through the steps.  Identify all the tasks of your business. At this point, don’t worry about documenting all of these processes. Understand the scope […]

Financial Systems Most of us think if we get branding down, market effectively, produce efficiently, and have great looking landscapes, we’ll charge the going rate and everything will work out fine. In other words, work smart and the money will take care of itself. It doesn’t.  Just as you need to systemize Admin, Production, and […]


BUSINESS FINANCIALS AND MONEY Everything your business does, show up in your financial reports.  “Money exerts a deep emotional influence on who we are, and what we tell ourselves we can never have. Our long unwillingness to understand the emotional and spiritual effects of money on us is at the heart of why we have […]

5 Things Dynamic Leaders Do to Get Kick-Ass Results in Uncertain Times Dynamic leaders, of landscape companies that thrive in uncertainty, are led by people who understand the opportunity in times of crisis. “The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In […]

Deliberately lo-fi

The resolution of communication has been on a downward slide for more than a decade. Careful hand-tuned typography shifts to endless Helvetica, poorly kerned. Face to face goes to landline phone call goes to cell phone calls, goes to yelling into a speakerphone goes to lazy Zoom etiquette. Music goes from live to vinyl to mp3. […]

Hiring Conundrum Part II – 5 Parts of the Position Agreement

Most people don’t take on a new job thinking they want to fail at it, get fired, or leave. That said, not everyone will be right for your company or for the position you have open. I previously wrote an article outlining the process of hiring called “A 5-Step Values-Based Systemic Solution to the “I […]

COVID and the Numbers that Count for Your Business’s Financial Security

Use this wake-up call to build a stronger financial future MANAGING MONEYLEADERSHIP 6 MIN READ In the current economic downturn, small businesses everywhere are suffering and too many will tragically close their doors permanently. For many business owners, it’s been a sobering lesson: Ignoring the practice of reviewing your company’s financial metrics is a high-risk decision with serious consequences. […]

Choose to be proactive with the future of your business

It’s easy to run a business in default mode, to operate reactively instead of proactively. Many business owners do it. They allow systems to develop by happenstance in their business rather than designing them with intention; they keep their business afloat on referrals and word-of-mouth instead of developing a Marketing Strategy to attract their ideal customer; they pass […]

Your Customers Already Know the Truth

The downside of being a small business, we are at the mercy of our help. Anyone on your team doesn’t show up there isn’t usually someone who can step into their place. This can affect completion deadlines. Customers are aware of these things. we’re hired because of our talents. The care and skill our people […]